March 5, 2009

Innovation is intergral part to over come from recession especially for India

The word innovation is now become integral part for sustaining the growth in any technological, social and economical field. How many people were actual thought about the change in their daily work innovatively ?
No one undergone to simplify the type work they are doing. This is not the way people want to work. As a integral part of corporate world we lost our identity in big companies. Their is less opportunity to start a project from the scratch. In India whatever we doing the work, we are just executing the other minds innovation. Self innovation is most satisfactory for any person.
Innovation comes in our life when we feel freedom to think and desire to invent. Inspirational team work and motivation is the basic need to achieve the goal. Whenever we lost or lag behind our goal, but still our innovation must go on by only one thing is by keeping hope.

Today India needs both innovation and technology which are backbone for modern economical development. Innovation in any field is possible by combined effort of industrial and research centers. Innovative development in the fields like digital, media and entertainment, infrastructure development, social life should be carried out by building the platform for small to big companies. Companies should give more importance to development and researching in their respective fields to keep in race.

I think we need strong political and leader ship quality in new government which should boost our national integrity. We have to attract the investors in various sectors basically for urban and rural development.

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  • You have any points or suggestions in your field or sector for innovative development ?
  • What India needs to sustain the developmental growth ?


  1. Hi
    It is the right time to introduce our talent innovatively

  2. It is our duty to think future development of our country


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