March 14, 2009

Green your Office by 8 gadgets

Following listed products which I wish to blog in coming days, lets keep an eye on saving the power and make office and home office greener.

I got this information in
8 Gadgets to Green Your Office


Now available for office printing, soy-based toners are recyclable, nontoxic and free of petroleum products.

Western Digital Caviar GreenPower Hard Drive
Reduce power use and increase energy efficiency with GreenPower hard drives

LED Lights
These lights use 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and 30 percent less than fluorescents. They also last longer and emit very little heat.

Encore Electronics Thin Client
Reduce the power you use while computing by having multiple workers share a PC or server's computing power.

Solio Magnesium Edition Hybrid Charger
This solar- and wall-powered portable charger has a USB input for devices like iPhones, and comes with a set of Universal iGo tips to connect to various phones.

Critical Links EdgeBox
Replace four to six standalone communications devices with this small box that consolidates your phone system, e-mail server, web server, fax, security, VPN, data storage and more.

Dell OptiPlex 960 Desktop Energy Efficient
This PC's energy-saving features let you use 43 percent less power than the previous model.

Occupancy Motion Sensor Llight Switches
With simple-to-install infrared occupancy detectors, you won't have to worry about anyone forgetting to flip the switch.

March 6, 2009

Gmail's new lab feature : Filter import/export

We usually and effectively used filter option to manage tons of subscribed mailing lists or unwanted spam mails to keep apart from useful mails.

I previously posted new lab feature title tweaks.

Now discussing about new lab feature included in Filter option. i.e now you can export/import the set of filters. This option is available in lab tab where you turn on this feature, and download all set of filters which you are presently using or create new file with set of filters and upload the file.

Through this feature now you can download all set of filters, share filters with the friends, and also temporarily disable some filters while exporting them. If you know xml you can customize the filters.

For more information on xml editing visit user group for Filter import/export.

Resource : New in Labs: Filter import/export

March 5, 2009

Innovation is intergral part to over come from recession especially for India

The word innovation is now become integral part for sustaining the growth in any technological, social and economical field. How many people were actual thought about the change in their daily work innovatively ?
No one undergone to simplify the type work they are doing. This is not the way people want to work. As a integral part of corporate world we lost our identity in big companies. Their is less opportunity to start a project from the scratch. In India whatever we doing the work, we are just executing the other minds innovation. Self innovation is most satisfactory for any person.
Innovation comes in our life when we feel freedom to think and desire to invent. Inspirational team work and motivation is the basic need to achieve the goal. Whenever we lost or lag behind our goal, but still our innovation must go on by only one thing is by keeping hope.

Today India needs both innovation and technology which are backbone for modern economical development. Innovation in any field is possible by combined effort of industrial and research centers. Innovative development in the fields like digital, media and entertainment, infrastructure development, social life should be carried out by building the platform for small to big companies. Companies should give more importance to development and researching in their respective fields to keep in race.

I think we need strong political and leader ship quality in new government which should boost our national integrity. We have to attract the investors in various sectors basically for urban and rural development.

keep on reading and give the comments for
  • You have any points or suggestions in your field or sector for innovative development ?
  • What India needs to sustain the developmental growth ?

March 4, 2009

Video On demand Zillion TV

Its great to hear that watching the videos and controlling the type of commercial ad to appear on the screen will be possible in the near future. This service will be provided by ZillionTV which introduce an ad-supported video on demand system.
Allow viewers to choose the type of advertising that are most interesting to them. The commercials fitting the bill are introduced into TV shows and movies that are streamed via broadband onto TV screens.

March 3, 2009

Futuristic innovations on daily life needs through mobile phone usage

In my blog I always wished to talk about innovations which make our life simple. But I hardly got interest in writing the innovations which actually make our life monotonous and more confusing.
Today I found one interesting article on how innovations would make daily life needs simple and joyful. But these innovations still in discussion stage.
Do you ever thought about buying the products and paying the bills through your sweet heart mobile ?. If you are in depression then it can be detected by the voice tone. All these things possible by the software which would be implemented in mobiles in near future.

These discussions were under gone at MIT’s first-ever emerging technologies conference in Delhi.
More young entrepreneurs are thinking these simple aspects of our daily life needs.

These innovations cannot be delivered in highly acclaimed research centers or in controlled atmosphere. Best innovations are all coming to picture by meeting the people, and understanding how well common urban man using the technology more effective way.

Resource : MIT spotlight on Indian innovation

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