March 14, 2009

Green your Office by 8 gadgets

Following listed products which I wish to blog in coming days, lets keep an eye on saving the power and make office and home office greener.

I got this information in
8 Gadgets to Green Your Office


Now available for office printing, soy-based toners are recyclable, nontoxic and free of petroleum products.

Western Digital Caviar GreenPower Hard Drive
Reduce power use and increase energy efficiency with GreenPower hard drives

LED Lights
These lights use 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and 30 percent less than fluorescents. They also last longer and emit very little heat.

Encore Electronics Thin Client
Reduce the power you use while computing by having multiple workers share a PC or server's computing power.

Solio Magnesium Edition Hybrid Charger
This solar- and wall-powered portable charger has a USB input for devices like iPhones, and comes with a set of Universal iGo tips to connect to various phones.

Critical Links EdgeBox
Replace four to six standalone communications devices with this small box that consolidates your phone system, e-mail server, web server, fax, security, VPN, data storage and more.

Dell OptiPlex 960 Desktop Energy Efficient
This PC's energy-saving features let you use 43 percent less power than the previous model.

Occupancy Motion Sensor Llight Switches
With simple-to-install infrared occupancy detectors, you won't have to worry about anyone forgetting to flip the switch.

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