March 3, 2009

Futuristic innovations on daily life needs through mobile phone usage

In my blog I always wished to talk about innovations which make our life simple. But I hardly got interest in writing the innovations which actually make our life monotonous and more confusing.
Today I found one interesting article on how innovations would make daily life needs simple and joyful. But these innovations still in discussion stage.
Do you ever thought about buying the products and paying the bills through your sweet heart mobile ?. If you are in depression then it can be detected by the voice tone. All these things possible by the software which would be implemented in mobiles in near future.

These discussions were under gone at MIT’s first-ever emerging technologies conference in Delhi.
More young entrepreneurs are thinking these simple aspects of our daily life needs.

These innovations cannot be delivered in highly acclaimed research centers or in controlled atmosphere. Best innovations are all coming to picture by meeting the people, and understanding how well common urban man using the technology more effective way.

Resource : MIT spotlight on Indian innovation

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