March 6, 2009

Gmail's new lab feature : Filter import/export

We usually and effectively used filter option to manage tons of subscribed mailing lists or unwanted spam mails to keep apart from useful mails.

I previously posted new lab feature title tweaks.

Now discussing about new lab feature included in Filter option. i.e now you can export/import the set of filters. This option is available in lab tab where you turn on this feature, and download all set of filters which you are presently using or create new file with set of filters and upload the file.

Through this feature now you can download all set of filters, share filters with the friends, and also temporarily disable some filters while exporting them. If you know xml you can customize the filters.

For more information on xml editing visit user group for Filter import/export.

Resource : New in Labs: Filter import/export


  1. I think every week once we get new lab feature in gmail!

  2. yeah seems to be the same mate..
    Google is great


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