December 19, 2008

Google Closes Its Science Data Service

Google noted in an e-mail to its beta testers that it will close its highly-expected scientific data service in January without officially unveiling the product.
This service was mainly to provide scientists as a depository for huge solid asset of data generated in growing series of fields. Already around 30 research datasets for mainly tests had been transferred to the site.
But Silicon Valley's most progressive company's ambition seems to be going down .
"As you know, Google is a company that promotes experimentation with innovative new products and services. At the same time, we have to carefully balance that with ensuring that our resources are used in the most effective possible way to bring maximum value to our users," wrote Robert Tansley of Google on behalf of the Google Research Datasets team to its internal testers.
In an email to by Attila Csordas, a stem cell biologist and author of Partial Immortalization said "It's a sad story if it's true,"
Astrophysicist Alberto Conti of STSI expresses that the Space Telescope Science Institute has had a very constructive association with Google, in early 2006 where they started partnership in GoogleSky. And they were awaiting ahead to Google's participation to assisting the astronomical community with data deluge.
By chopping ambitious scientific project, it shows another indication of incipient prudence at Google.
Merely a weeks back, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal that his company would be cutting back on experimental projects.
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