December 20, 2008

Ancient Soil Renewal Technique Assists to fight Against Global Warming

Present, scientists, environmental groups and policymakers forming the next world climate agreement, see biochar not only as an important tool for renewal soils, but as a effective tool for fighting global warming.
Early inhabitants of the Amazon Basin fertilized their fields with burned menure organic materials-bio char-and changed one of the earth's most infertile soils into one of the most productive. These early environmentalist disappeared 500 years ago, but centuries later, their soil is still productive in organic matter and nutrients.

Biochar contains carbon rich product found by pyrolysis(transformation) of the biomass. In extremely predicting integrated new soil management technique, bio-char plays fundamental element. It is adequate to stopping slash-and-burn farming in the wet tropics by making nutrient-poor, acidic soils productive. Intrinsically it gives one of the few sustainable strategies to stop deforestation while at the same time removing hunger amongst existence farmers at the forest margins. Biochar doubles as a stable carbon sink, making it a key tool in the climate fight.

Christoph Steiner, a University of Georgia research scientist in the Faculty of Engineering, told the possibilities of biochar exists in its capability to isolate-catch and store-huge amounts of carbon while also displacing fossil fuel energy, effectively doubling its carbon affect.

Steiner stated that almost any kind of organic material-peanut shells, pine chips and even poultry litter-can be burned in air-tight conditions, a process called pyrolysis. The results are biochar, a highly porous charcoal that helps soil sustain nutrients and water, and gases and heat that can be used as energy.

Biochar can acquire up to 50 percent of the carbon stored in biomass and establishes a significant carbon sink, as long as renewable resources are used and biochar is used as a soil rectification.

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