February 24, 2009

Software to translate video games and other softwares into different languages

From North Carolina State University researchers came up with a software tool for easier and faster translating video games and other software into different languages for use in various international markets.

The research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Army Research Office. The research will be presented in May at the International Conference on Software Engineering in Vancouver, Canada, and will also be published in the proceedings of the conference.

Through this software tool a major hurdle in translating the thousands of lines of coding time can be saved. Programmers have to be sure they are not replacing code that necessitates how the application/program really works.

But through this software tool discovers those pieces of software code that are designed to appear on-screen and communicate with the user such as menu items, as opposed to those pieces of code that order how the program really operates. When those "on-screen" pieces of code have been identified, the programmers can translate them into the applicable language, like translating the tabs on a toolbar from English into Chinese.

Resource : New tool improves productivity, quality when translating software

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